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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  June 9, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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right now chavez is about straight up. all guy on deck, the shortstop hit the ball hard. this is slowly moving. no throw to first. and leaves the mets with one out to go, down by two, here in the 9th. all jeter taking the sure out at 2nd base. mere is quintanilla would has homered and he drove the gap if left center field. to chase granderson. here is the home run. 3rd of the big league year and tying the game back in the 3rd and we showed you on the "smooth play," granderson racing back to his right to get the ball well
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hit. off boone logan, and quintanilla in the 7th. that is a strike. on the outside corner. 30-2 on quintanilla. >> every fast ball of left-handed hitters has been in that slot. he missed with some. >> here comes the 0-1. on the outside. it is 30-2. and now soriano, the lead off man is one strike away from his 9th save in as many chances since taking over this spot formerly manned by the best not history of the game, rivera. too far outside, probably exactly where soriano wanted it. >> right. >> and the foul is made on deck.
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their big bat has been used, hairston. 1-2. tejada, the shortstop who started the year with a pulled quad will be back on monday. right now it is teixerira. here is 1-2. two and two. the mets do not rally since monday they will have lost five of six. include game four of the set against st. louis after winning the first three on brilliant starting pitches. off the middle. off soriano, a base hit and
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texas keeps it alive and going to 3rd is thole with two outs. and he have been good all night. >> sorry rain missed it right down the middle and cannot field the ground ball and that is not inguarantee seeing thole go to 3rd base. because if he gets a jump and soriano does not have a good move to first, he can steal 2nd and put himself in a position where with one hit they can tie the game. all unless this is an energy to hairston i don't understand this move at all. this is hairston's spot, he onlied the only team up after pinch hitting for nieuwenhuis and he has eight home runs and instead it is valdespin east bench to bat. >> a hit against a right hander
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but keep in mind hairston only a 170 hitter against right-handed pitchers. and value spend has seen the first major league hit with the home run and that happened in philadelphia. terry collins would love to see that again. >> up and away ball one and he was tackled when he hit the home run and now looking for something dramatic against the yankee closer soriano. runners at the corner, tie run and two out and breaking ball in for a strike in for soriano. all first breaking ball of the inning by soriano. >> looking for the 9th save over all. trying to save it for phil hue
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would would go to six and five. a check on teixerira would has not attempted a steal in the limited work he has for the mets this season. one-one. strike two. trying to hit another home run with that swing. yankees try to win for the 12 the time in the last 16 games. that's a tie run at 1st with two outs. the mets have been so good with
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two outs all season long. looking for another two-out hit and a runner goes on a pop up in left center field and the yankees win game two of this three-game set as dewayne wise squeezes in and yankees win a final of 4-2. and soriano gets save number nine. if a two hour and 48 minute game hughes is the winner. we will step aside and the mlb network studios coming up after this.
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the heat takes a toll on dozens of people. and a grim discovery at a fairfax county apartment complex after the police were called out to the same community overnight. the story after the game.
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>> welcome to the post game show with harold renaileds and you just watched the yankees defeat the met to in a row if the pinstripes again their cross town rivals. >> and the yankees hit with power. when they do that they win. today it is teixerira and granderson. this is what they do. >> yeses hoped for help from the marlins to try to get back on top of the rays in the al east. no such help because they would have none of it. two home runs in this in south florida. this is the first. it came with the rays up 1-0. and man open. and 2nd of the night, rays
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took a 9-0 lead here and they are in control. 14-4 late. all they continue to keep winning and they are still weighing for the help. athis guy is back healthy for the first time in a year. good to see him get back. the ball is not middle and he will bomb it. but, the difference is he needs to get that work back to together and get back in line. >> and gonzalez got the win with the biggest event not summer as baseball's great it starts battle for home field advantage in the fall classic the road to the world series begins with 2012 major league baseball all-star game, tuesday, july 10th at 7:30 eastern, 4:30 pacific on fox.
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>> next saturday, baseball night in america returns with a full slate of games including the red sox and the cubs and mets and marlins and rays at 7:00 eastern and tomorrow on fox, formula one racing.
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the heat takes a toll on dozens of people at a girl scout gathering at the national mall. and a grim discovery at a fairfax county apartment complex after police were called out to the same community twice overnight. the story after the game.  [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approve this message.
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. >> a push to close schools for muslim holidays. how the superintendent is reacting to giving kids more dais off from school. a public celebration. from a former d.c. mayoral candidate just days after congresswomen kwame brown's resignation. asking for billions of dollars. how their bailout could have a big impact on the u.s. economy.
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welcome to the fox 5 news at 10:00. i'm laura evans. we begin with a weather alert. we are still two weeks away from the summer season and people are already feeling the extreme heat and taking precautions. today, more than 200,000 girl scouts packed the national mall for the organization's centennial anniversary. this is the largest gathering of girl scouts in history. organizers are hoping to set a world record. for some, the event was clouded by scorching temperatures. more than 60 people were treated on the scene. more than a dozen were taken to the hospital. if you thought today was bad, wait until tomorrow. we'll turn things over to gwen for a little more. gwen. >> laura, you are absolutely right. it is going to be worse tomorrow because the humidity is going to be higher. it's going to feel a lot warmer than it is. very uncomfortable out there. let's take a look at the numbers from today. 91 degrees. 88 at dulles and 90 degrees at dwi. and right now, it's 78 degrees.
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humidity is at 58% right now with a southerly wind flow. overall for temperatures, currently anywhere from the mid 60s to the upper 70s. even at this hour of the night. definitely some dangerous conditions. here is a few tips that we want you to be aware of. water especially, as much as you can. take frequent breaks. and wear light, loose clothing and try to protect your head, also do not leave pets outside in this weather. young children should not be out in this heat and check on your elderly neighbors. these are things that you have to keep in mind. details mostly for tomorrow and the week ahead a little later. back to you. >> there are an estimated 250,000 muslims in the area. but no washington area schools close on muslim holidays. a councilman wants to change that and he has gotten a response for the superintendent. awedly barnes has the story from the newsroom.
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audrey. >> reporter: he sent a letter to the school board and superintendent last month asking them to add two muslim holidays to the school calendar as official days off. that request is getting mixed reviews. councilman says it isn't fair that montgomery county schools close for some religious holidays for some faiths and not others. so he's asked the board to consider shutting the schools for two important muslim holidays. >> these are the two holiest days of the year. they are call ede, which means festival. >> they have two sons in montgomery county schools support the effort. >> as a jew, i feel it is important for different religious groups to have their holidays recognized by the school system. >> it depends on, i guess how much disruption it would cause to the school schedule and how big a need there is.
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how many muslims students or teachers want to take off these holidays. >> there are opponents who say students already miss enough class time without adding two muslim holidays into the mix. >> schools are closed on the primary christian holidays and the two high holy days that jews celebrate. so school is already closed on many, many days throughout the year and we are talking about one day, which i don't think will be inconvenient or burdensome. >> he writes, it is extremely difficult to consider all of the potential holidays at school closings in such a diverse community as montgomery county. mcps gladly would accept a representative from the muslim community to serve on the school calendar committee work group. a move this parent says presents a teachable moment to the county students. >> i think as part of how we
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think of america and try to be a more conclusive society seems to make a lot of sense. >> even if the school calendar committee works or approves that muslim holiday as a day off from school, it wouldn't happen next year. that calendar is already set. the earliest it could happen would be during the 2014 school year and one of those holidays would fall in august, so it wouldn't be a factor. the committee will start working on the calendar. thank you. : people who live in a fairfax county apartment complex are on edge after a body was found on the property. the discovery made just before 1:00 this morning in the 11,000 block in reston. the victim identified as 40- year-old. police say he lived in the complex. officers went door to door today interviewing people who were shaken by the news. >> upset about this area and having second thoughts, you know, because i'm almost to
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renew my lease and i'm thinking about it. it worries me really. >> police say patel suffered trauma to his upper body, but the exact cause of death will be determined by a medical examiner. two vehicles were towed from the scene to be searched. so far, no arrests. >> two people are dead after a fiery three-car crash on the bridge. it happened overnight about 3:00 a.m. in the northbound lanes. a 2009 dodge that maryland state police say was going very fast rear ended a chevy cobalt. the driver of the dodge lost control and crashed into the back of a tractor trailer. the dodge caught fire. the driver and front seat passenger did not make it out alive. a backseat passenger and the driver of the tractor trailer were taken to the hospital. the driver of the cobalt was not injured. the maryland man accused of crashing an suv into a d.c. building is facing a long list of charges tonight. police say 32-year-old charles morell ball crashed a vehicle into a building on connecticut avenue last night. he is now charged with arson.
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felony destruction of property and unauthorized use of a vehicle. authorities initially said they thought the driver intentionally crashed into that building. the vehicle had been reported stolen. a one-time d.c. mayoral candidate is celebrating the resignation of kwame brown. sulaimon brown issued a statement calling the former city council chairman, a quote, crook, along with other elected city leaders. kwame brown pleaded guilty yesterday to misdemeanor campaign violations. charges related to the 2010 mayoral race. one of those men admitted to lying about funneling money to sulaimon brown. releasing a video today attacking mitt romney's comment that the u.s. doesn't need more government jobs. the video opens with a scroll of local news headlines about layoffs among teachers,
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firefighters, and police officers. on friday, president obama called on congress to help states prevent those job losses. the video contrast the president's comments with romney's response. >> he says we need more firemen, more policemen, more teachers. did he not get the message of wisconsin? the american people did. it's time for us to cut back on government and help the american people. >> the ad comes as the white house tries to turn the page on president obama's own yesterday that the private sector is doing fine. after widespread criticism from republicans, the president was forced to clarify that statements later in the day saying that while private sector jobs have grown, it is absolutely clear that the economy is doing fine. mitt romney called the president out of touch. attorney general, eric holder, has appointed two u.s. attorneys to investigate recent leaks of national security information. meantime, some lawmakers claim they have evidence that some of the intelligence is coming from
10:25 pm
senior government officials. fox's molly has the story. >> reporter: attorney general holder appointed two u.s. attorneys who work for him to head up these investigation into the leaks and that's part of the controversy that they may not be independent enough. holder says ronald, a u.s. attorney for d.c. and a donor to president obama's campaign and rosenstein will quote, follow the facts. the republican chairman of the house judiciary committee isn't convinced of that yet. >> i just hope these u.s. attorneys will be totally independent, go wherever the trail leads them and not have any political pressure put on them by the ag who of course works for the president. >> president obama said yesterday that the idea that the white house would leak sensitive information for political gain as some critics have charged quote, offensive. >> as i think has been indicated from these articles, whether or not the information they received is true, the
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writers of these articles of all stated that they didn't come from this white house. and that's not how we operate. >> but one top senate republican, john mccain, points out that the articles on these leaks identify some of the sources as administration officials and aids to the president. senator mccain went on to say, quote, i continue to call on the president to immediately appoint a special council to fully investigate. and congressman smith says anyone convicted of leaking should face jail time. in washington, molly heneberg, fox news. another big story we're following tonight, we are learning more about the arrest of megachurch pastor. a police report says dollar's 15-year-old daughter told authorities her father choked and slapped her after an argument. fox's caitlin pratt has the latest from atlanta. >> reporter: the reverend spent most of last night in the fayette county jail locked up
10:27 pm
on a simple battery charge. the alleged victim, one of thinks children. >> fayette county deputies responding here to mr. dollar's home early friday morning after receiving a 911 call for help from his 15-year-old daughter. fox 5 has obtained that 911 call, but because she is a minor, we have decided not to play it. this, though, is part of what she said. i just got in an altercation with my father. he punched me and frightened me and choked me. it's not the first time it's happened. i feel threatened by being in this house. deputies say the 50-year-old pastor and his daughter were arguing about whether she could go to a party. the 911 call detailing what allegedly happened next. he went off, that's when he went off. he came and put his arm around my neck and choked me and bent me over the table and i pushed him off of me and he threw he on the ground and punched me in my face. a deputy taking dollar into
10:28 pm
custody after he heard the teen's story and some marks on her neck. >> the injuries were superficial injuries. >> 911 calls from children complaining of abuse are common. >> any time we respond, we treat them the exact same way. we investigate the facts in the case and we have to react accordingly. >> the pastor of world changer's ministry in college park. nearly 30,000 members. it is unclear whether he will address the arrest from the pulpit sunday. in a statement to fox 5, he said quote, as a father, i love my children. i always have their best interest at heart at all times and i would never use my hand to ever cause bodily harm to my children. he wrote the followers, you must believe you were made righteous and will stay that way. the arrest sparked outrage from supporters and crickets on our own facebook page. one viewer saying, when i was growing up, our parents whooped
10:29 pm
our blanks, now people are calling police? and he was doing what a lot of parents fail to do, he disciplined his child. followed by, there is never a situation when it's appropriate to choke your child, period. >> that was fox's caitlin pratt reporting. dollar has since been released from jail on a $5,000 bond. still to come tonight, hundreds packed the streets of d.c. today for the annual capital pride parade. just ahead, we'll talk with the parade's grand marshal and cohost of tlc's, say yes to the dress atlanta. plus, getting guns off the street and money in your pocket. where you can go to exchange your firearm for a gift card. fox 5 news at 10:00 continues in just moments.
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hundreds of people marching in the streets of d.c. today for the annual capital pride
10:33 pm
parade and what a perfect day for it. the parade traveled through dupont circle ending in logan circle. we are joined tonight by this year's grand marshal, monte durham, thanks so much for being here. so be true, be you was the theme this year. >> it was. >> we know there's been a lot of in the news lately about greater acceptance when it comes to gay issues. the president recently came out endorsing gay marriage which is wonderful. there must have been a special energy given all of that at this year's parade. >> today was incredible. it would be fabulous. simply fabulous. to be in the lead car and to step out and just go out into that crowd, i mean, talk about diversity. talk about families coming together and groups and religious and color and shapes and size. it was incredible and the energy was so strong and so vibrant and everybody was
10:34 pm
having a blast. it was incredible. >> we're taking a look at some of the video that was shot. >> party scene. >> was there anything different about this year's parade? >> i would say that it is extremely upbeat this year. people were applauding the efforts of everybody coming out for diversity. and for equality. i think that's a platform that tlc stands for. we do it in our shows. we do it in our staffing. it's important to us. >> you have a campaign? >> we do have a campaign. you know, it's the red door campaign again. so we just launched that and pushed that forward. and it is incredible the people that we reach and touch. it's great. >> i would imagine that the sense of pride you truly can have a sense of prude at the gay pride parade in this atmosphere. >> it was amazing to see people wanting to participate this year. >> how much do you think the president's endorsement of gay marriage changed things? >> any time you get an
10:35 pm
endorsement, whether it be a vendor or political or christians or whatever leader that has a voice in the community is very important. i think that today we saw communities coming together and actually mixing and blending and sharing. and experiencing one another's culture. it was great and everybody was cheering and happy and laughing and you know, it's very joyous. it was great. >> you are a west virginia native. you call alexandria home. >> i am. >> you are off next to be the grand marshal in denver and in minneapolis. >> i'm going to the denver and minneapolis, not quite sure if it's going to be grand marshal. we'll see. but i am going to be participating. you know, we just finished our fourth season with tlc. we are beginning to film our fifth season and it's going very well. we are very excited about launching that this august. >> we look forward to watching you. >> definitely, a lot of jacking up this season.
10:36 pm
>> monte durham, thank you very much. >> pli pleasure, good to see you. coming up tonight on the news at 10:00. new details about lindsay lohan's car crash, plus a scary scene across the pond as hundreds are rescued from high flood waters. the news at 10:00 will corn in just minutes.  graduate, now that your journey begins,
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prince georges county police are trying to prevent gun violence with gift cards. gun owners today brought their firearms to the first baptist church of high land park. no questions asked. didn't have to give a name or any other information. for turning in their gun, they got a visa gift card for $100. it's this year's most sought after shoe. it's the nike shoe and hit the store shelves today. it's the only local store shelfing it. sneaker fans lined up hoping to score a pair.
10:40 pm
only 3 to 5,000 pairs will be sold nationwide. they will set you back $245. new developments tonight from police in lindsay lohan's car crash. santa monica police say there is no evidence that the actress was driving under the influence. the accident happened a little before noon yesterday. lohan crashed her porsche into the back of an 18 wheeler. it's the latest incident for lohan who had her license taken away from her in 2008 for two dui arrests. lohan was taken as a precaution. she was later released. and neither was lohan's assistant who was a passenger in a car. just ahead tonight, a big boost could be in the works for spain as the country asks for billions of dollars in bailout money. what that could mean for the u.s. economy. plus, a new scam to steal your money making its way across the country. dea imposters scaring people into paying fines. the news at 10:00 will be right back. 
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. >> all eyes on europe tonight where leaders are holding emergency bailout talks for spain's troubled banking system. and what finest ministers could have a huge impact on the u.s. economy. fox's greg burke reports. >> in a move that would make spain the member to receive a bailout since the financial crisis erupted two years ago, asking for a boost. although he's not calling it a bailout and no dollar amount has been established yet. the comments coming after a long conference call saturday with other finance ministers from the 17 nation euro zone. >> spain will get some money to bail out its banks. whether it will be lent directly to banks. >> speculating between $50 and $100 billion for spain.
10:45 pm
that's just to get the banking system under control. spanish banks, which so many bad real estate loans and that's prompting a backlash from the spanish people who feel their money hasn't been safe in their own banks. >> we have been mismanaging things for three decades without controls. we spent more than we have and because of this, we have a bad situation. >> problems could have massive reprecushions on the global economy. while it was a very strong week for u.s. markets, a financial minds in the u.s. are watching these moves very closely. >> a lot of them are saying maybe now isn't a good time to invest in stocks. we had a month where the dow didn't have two up days in a row. that happened eight times since 1900. the european countries in trouble spelled pig, portugal, ireland, and greece have asked for bailouts. now we learn that the word is plural, pigs, with spain providing the s. in rome, greg burke, fox news. >> the united nations
10:46 pm
observers getting their first look at the aftermath of wednesday's massacre in central syria. scenes of horror as the u.n. team toured a village. 80 people were killed. many of them women and children. many either shot execution style or slaughtered with knives. the un team is the first independent group to enter the village since the attack. the syrian government in opposition activists blame each other for the mass killings. >> prince phillip out of the hospital tonight in time to celebrate his 91st birthday. queen elizabeth's husband was hospitalized earlier this week because of a bladder infection. during that time, he missed many of the diamond jubilee festivities, marking the queen's 60 years on the thrown. today, he nodded when reporters shouted out questions about whether he was feeling better. the british royal air force rescued more than 150 people from flash flooding. more than 5 inches of rain pounded the west coast of whales within 24 hours.
10:47 pm
flood waters swamped coastal villages. local fire crews loaded evacuees on to boats. dozens of victims are taking renew refuge at a community center. >> didn't have time to get dressed or put coats on. went straight away. because it was rising so quickly into the van so we couldn't get out. >> incredibly, no deaths or minor injuries have been reported. >> it is a phone call no one wants to get. federal agents armed with a warrant coming to a arrest you. it's a scam that's happening across the country and recently hit home for one chicago area family. fox's craig wall with a warning from the feds. >> it's a scheme that terrorized countless people, but the drug enforcement agency has no idea how many victims there really are because people don't report what's happened or realize they have been scammed. in one case, a woman committed suicide because she was so
10:48 pm
frightened and guilt driven, but for a family, they are grateful they uncovered the fraud in time. >> he just kept threatening me and saying he was going to arrest me. >> it was a phone call that left this woman shaking with fear. a call she returned after getting a voice mail from a man who said he was from the baltimore office of the drug enforcement agency. >> i'm with the drug enforcement agency. give us a call back as soon as possible. >> the man aggressively accused andera of purchasing weight loss drugs online. something she says she never did. >> you did purchase, you did purchase it. i said i don't have any idea what you're talking about. >> her father took the phone and the agent ratcheted up the threats. >> i can get someone to pick her up. >> it's a scam that is targeting people across the country. >> they are really banking on the fact that they can instill
10:49 pm
fear in the victim that they violated a federal law. >> fake dea agents seem to be operating out of the dmin dominican republic. the scam offers the purchase of prescription drugs online. a dozen wire transfers totaling more than $29,000 to keep from being arrested. >> clearly, no dea agent will ever call the public and ask for money. >> for jesse and andrea, the agents sounded very convincing. >> he was going to have somebody come to my house and arrest me and i kept looking out the window and i was thinking to myself, where is this person at to arrest me? >> a check of the toll free number andrea was given traced to a medical office. but when we called it, the answering machine made it clear the scam was still in operation. >> thank you for calling dea
10:50 pm
department. for office subpoena, dial extension 2235. >> the agent suggested there was a way to make the whole thing go away, but the call dropped out and the agent never called back. >> i was hoping that he meant that i could pay a fine and it never dawned on me that it would be a scam. >> jesse and andrea never lost any money and never heard back. the dea has this word of caution for anyone who gets a call like they did. >> if it looks like a duck and walks like a duck, hang up and call us immediately because you are dealing with bad people. coming up tonight in sports, the redskins have the weekend off, but next week it's back to the grind and rg3 has been impressive his offensive and defensive teammates. lindsey murphy has the details coming up. it's been a hot day across our area. take a lock at temperatures not only for us, but all the way down to the deep south. all that warm air. we'll let you know how long it's going to stick around and
10:51 pm
what you can expect for your sunday. we'll let you know after the break. graduate, now that your journey begins, you're going to need a powerful connection ! felicidaaaadeeeees !
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lindsey murphy talking sports. the nats are turn things around for themselves. 11 games over .500 right now. i'm not sure anybody would have expected that, but their pitching has been so good. that's the reason. >> fun to watch. >> absolutely. the boston redd sox had a rude awakening. the team's punch have combined for four runs and 18 strikeouts. it's translated into wins for the first time ever at fenway park. and the nats always feeling comfortable with gonzalez on the mound and today was no different. he goes 6 1/3 innings, allows three hits, two earned runs, and you are seeing all those right now. he improves to 8-2 in his win today. he and stephen strasburg are a
10:55 pm
combined 15-3 on the season. and the offense got enough to get the win. the fourth to give the nats a 4- 0 lead. they would hold on and beat the red sox. the nat will go for the sweep tomorrow afternoon. >> the o's hosting the phillies. drama in the bottom of the 12th. a man on for adam jones and the is why the bird gave him this huge contract. the phillies deep to end this one. rosenberg making his debut. they win in dramatic fashion 6- 4. >> to the redskins, robert griffin, iii, has proven he means business. will he be a run or pass quarterback? the team will be flexible because of griffin's athletic ability, but griffin continues to stress he is a runner second and a passer first. so rg3, does the team believe in your skills? >> got to ask them if you want
10:56 pm
the real details. but what they have been telling me and how confident they are in me as a quarterback is a huge step. so that's all i want. i want them to trust me and believe in me so we can win together. without them, i can't do it. i can't snap the ball to myself and catch it. i need other people out there to help me. >> he can't snap the ball, throw it, and catch it. >> he can't do everything? >> i thought he could do it all. >> he's rg3. >> minicamp will be on monday. coming up, the heat and the celtics are going neck and neck to make it to the nba finals. >> thanks, lindsey. still to come, figuring out when it is safe to take a dip in the ocean. there's an app for that, too. we'll introduce you to the new lifesaver app and show you how it's doing just that. we'll be right back. graduation, huh ?
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